TV on the go

We provide solutions for inland shipping and the leisure caravanning market. Our products offer simplicity, reliability and ease of use with an excellent price/performance ratio. Unique innovative technology, convenience and price are the decisive factors for success.


Travel Vision satellite dishes first appeared on the market in 1989. In 1992 we introduced the very first analogue automatic satellite tracking antenna, a first for inland shipping. In 1996 the first Travel Vision digital satellite dishes came on the market; the Travel Vision Marine 2 for inland shipping and the Travel Vision Standard for the motorhome market. Due to the enormous demand that arose from inland shipping, we specialized in the maritime sector from 2001 onwards. The Travel Vision Modi, the first dome antenna, was soon introduced and in 2007 the Travel Vision Q6 was introduced.

Market leader inland shipping

Travel Vision is becoming the market leader in inland shipping in Europe, among other things by the introduction of the Travel Vision satellite dish with Duo LNB in ​​2010. This unique and innovative solution was once again a first for inland shipping. To reinforce this position, the Q7 DUO was introduced in June 2015, a maritime satellite dish equipped with Travel Vision’s latest Dynamic Tracking Technology. This dish offers up to 25% more signal output and is therefore extremely suitable for receiving HD channels.

Camper and Caravan

In 2012 we launched the Travel Vision R6 satellite dish. A fully automatic satellite dish on a tripod especially suitable for use with campervan or caravan. Early 2015 followed by the TVA satellite dishes, suitable for roof mounting. In 2017 we added LED TVs with a built-in satellite receiver to our range. The Travel Vision G6 satellite dish was also introduced, an automatic following dish suitable for yachts and sea-going vessels.

Latest developments

The Travel Vision R7 was  launched in 2018, the successor to the highly successful R6 dish. Travelvision has become a leading player in the field of satellite reception in both inland shipping and the leisure market. In January 2019 we moved to a brand new, spacious and modern business premises in order to meet the ever-increasing demand of our customers.