Requirements update

Programming requires:


  • 1 piece Serial cable Male-Female

If your PC does not have a serial port, you can also update the system using a USB serial interface

  • Software programming programs:


  1. TVRO-Antenna-Programmer.exe
  2. TVRO-Software-Updater.exe


The 3 software files below

  1. ACU software (software from the controller inside)
  2. Antenna software (outside antenna software)
  3. Library-Library (antenna satellite and track data)

Programming Software G6

The programming software and software update is downloaded as a .rar file. You need a WinRaR program to unpack. If you do not have a WinRaR program, you can download it for free on or via Winrar tweakers

Download the files on your PC and extract the files with winrar. Continue with the manual update.

Download the programming software via the button below.

Download G6 Programming software

Software  G6

Press the button and download the file to your PC.

Download G6 Software update