Travel Vision G6

Travel Vision G6: TV-Everywhere Optimal Reception In HD Quality

Travel Vision G6, 60 cm antenna

HD TV has grown strongly in recent years and offers a clearly better picture quality than the standard SD quality that we were used to. In order to meet this growing demand for HD image quality, the HD channels of almost all satellite providers are broadcast in a more complex way. To be able to receive the HD channels optimally, now and in the future, you need a satellite dish with sufficient reception capacity, equipped with the latest technology.

Travelvision G6 Quad LNB.

The Travel Vision G6 satellite dish is suitable for connecting 4 receivers as standard. If desired, this number can be expanded through a distributor. The G6 is easily connected with 1 single coaxial cable between the controller and the antenna and follows every popular satellite for TV and radio.

ABSS Active Beam Scanning System & Gyro

The G6 is equipped with the ABSS Active Beam Scanning system so that the desired satellite can be found quickly. Together with gyro technology, this ensures a very accurate tracking behavior for smaller and also seagoing ships. This allows you to watch TV with an HD quality on board.

Autoskew & GPS

Thanks to the automatically rotating LNB (Autoskew) and GPS, the G6 also has reception in the peripheral areas of the reception area.


The G6 is equipped with a control unit in which the desired satellite track frequencies can also be adjusted by yourself.



  • Suitable for yachts and seagoing ships.
  • Pre-programmed for selection of 10 satellites.
  • Easy to operate via Dutch-language display.
  • Quad LNB, suitable for 4 satellite receivers as standard.
  • 60 cm dish tray for receiving HD channels
  • DVB-S2 (QPSK & 8PSK) satellite recognition
  • Gyro and GPS sensors for accurate tracking
  • Auto Skew LNB rotating with GPS
  • Works on a single Coax cable from controller to antenna
  • 2 year warranty on parts
  • IP 55 protection
  • Extension of number of satellite receivers via distributor possible, inquire about the possibilities


Dish Cassegrain 60 cm.
Diameter dome 70 cm.
Height  dome 74 cm.
Weight 16 kg.
Volume and weight lxbxh=80x80x91 cm, gross weight approx. 30 kg.
Power supply 9.5V ~ 36V DC
Power Typ, 30W, Max 50 W.
Minimum EIRP 47 dBW.
Frequency KU (10.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz)
AZ reach 680°
EL reach 0°~90°
Roll 50°/Sec
Pitch 50°/Sec
Operating temp -15°C ~ +60°C
Coax cable 75 Ohm ( H125 )
ACU measures 230 x 226 x 55 mm (l x b x h), 1,1 Kg