Travel Vision Q7

Travel Vision Q7: TV On Board In HD Quality

Travel Vision Q7

The new standard for watching TV in HD quality

HDTV offer has grown strongly in recent years and offers a clearly better picture quality than the standard SD quality that we were used to. To meet this growing demand for HD image quality, the HD channels of almost all satellite providers are broadcast in a more complex way. To optimally receive the HD channels, now and in the future, you need a satellite dish with sufficient reception capacity, equipped with the latest technology.

Dynamic Tracking Technology

The Q7 is equipped with Dynamic Tracking Technology. This technology, newly developed by Travel Vision, ensures very accurate tracking behavior and, in combination with a high-efficiency dish, provides no less than 25% more signal strength. This allows you to watch TV on board in an unrivaled HD quality.

Suitable for connecting 4 receivers as standard

The Travel Vision Q7 is suitable for connecting 4 satellite receivers as standard. With distributors you can view the complete range of channels at any desired location on board without limiting the number. The Travel Vision Q7 follows every popular satellite for TV and radio.


Key Features Travel Vision Q7:

  • Quad lnb standard suitable for 4 tuners and the complete choice of channels
  • Software updates via USB port
  • Dynamic Tracking Technology
  • DVB S2 (QPSK & 8PSK) satellite detection
  • Very quiet motor control
  • Easy to operate with Dutch display
  • Standard 65 cm offset dish for:
    • Reception in bad weather conditions
    • Sufficient signal output for long cable lengths
    • Reception of different satellites
    • Reception in large sailing area
  • Easy to assemble and connect
  • Good signal/noise ratio and all vertical and horizontal bands needed for passenger vessels
  • IP 55 protection degree for tankers
  • SID/TID channel detection
  • Standby mode for floodgates, valves, etc.
  • Suitable for long cable length between antenna and MCM
  • 2 years warranty on parts
  • European dealer network which guarantees quality and service



  • Offset dish diameter 65 cm
  • Diameter dome: 78 cm
  • Height of dome: 86 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Power supply: 24V DC
  • Power consumption: 3/5 Amp. Max.
  • Satellites choice: 14 with Astra 19.2°,Astra 2 28.2°, Hotbird 13°, Astra 23.5°.
  • MCM cable: 4×0.32 mm2 shielded
  • Power cable: 2×1.5 mm2
  • Coaxial cable: 75 Ohm ( H125 )
  • Monitor Output Protocol: RS232 19.2 kBd, N,8,1
  • Maintenance (Up Load): USB
  • Note: MCM (Monitor Control & Maintenance)
  • MCM is powered from the dome